High School Endorsement Videos

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Introduction Video for Students- What are endorsements?

HB5 Student Introduction from IPSI on Vimeo.

Business & Industry:

o    Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

o    Architecture & Construction

o    Business Management & Administration

o    Finance

o    Hospitality & Tourism

o    Information Technology

o    Manufacturing

o    Marketing, Sales & Service

o    Transportation, Distribution & Logistics 

HB5 Business and Industry Endorsement from IPSI on Vimeo.

Arts & Humanities:

o    Arts, Audio/Video Technology &

HB5 Arts and Humanities Endorsement from IPSI on Vimeo.

Public Services:

Education & Training

Government & Public Administration

Health Science

Human Services

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security 

HB5 Public Services from IPSI on Vimeo.


o    Science, Technology, Engineering &

HB5 STEM Endorsement from IPSI on Vimeo.